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Review: Payback
by snafu, 2000-01-18 15:41:29. No #641.

Payback is the story of Porter [Mel Gibson] a professional theif who was rorted by one of his mates for 70 grand. The movie starts as he gets out of bed for the first time in 5 months after taking two slugs in the back. thus begins his attempt at revenge.
This movie was great, those of you who've read sin city [the comic] will love it. Porter starts out with nothing, no money, no gun, only the clothes on his back. The movie shows in a totally beleiveable way how he claws his way back up and beyond all for a measly 70 grand. I think that's what i liked about this movie, it was fast, furious, packed with heaps of interesting characters, plot twists, gun fights etc etc but not once did i think "yeah right". Not once did i question the script. That's really something because i normally go nuts at picking holes in the plot of movies like this.
Mel kicks ass too, i think that's why the movie didn't fare so well at the box office [i'm sure even leathel weapon4 went better]. Forget mel as.... that guy in the LW movies, Porter is one mean-ass son of a bitch and clever too.
Good movie, watch it.

Comment by egg on Thu Jan 27 08:20:05 EST 2000 ...
"I'm on the fucking phone!" POW!!!

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