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Review: Mystery Men
by snafu, 2000-01-15 12:49:41. No #640.

Mystery Men is the story of a loser team of superheroes in the futuristic Champion City. When the city's most famous superhero goes missing it's up to them to save him from the villanous Cassanova Frankenstein.
The characters [the shoveller, the spleen, mr furious and the bowler] are ace [except for the sphinx he got on my nerves] and this movie does have it moments but apart from that it's pretty lame.
Some of the ground work for this movie is tops but the end product could've been so much better. i blame it on bad scripting and directing + the pg rating.
Alot of the jokes just aren't ... timed right. like when [spoiler ahead] the MM accidently fry captain amazing, that could've been an excellent moment in black comedy but when it happens you're left feeling like.."oh well these guys are really shit". oh and there's the gay bits [i mean it in the old use of the word gay] there's the predictable badguy stealing mr furious' new girlfriend, inspirational speech to motivate the team b4 the big battle etc etc.
To sum up, mystery men is a great idea, but handled badly and with to many happy chappy kiddie bits.

Comment by raven on Sat Jan 15 18:35:19 EST 2000 ...
Totally agree with that. When I saw the pg rating I kinda said oh no they have made it "disney-like" when it should have had at least a M+ rating. It was really sad seeing them simulate beating the crap out of the bad guys when they should have at least had the kicks and punches connect. Have to say the aussie guy that played Frankenslut did quite a good job and it was also good having a perv on the chickies in this flick - woke me up from the bits of the movie I should have been sleeping.

Comment by egg on Mon Jan 17 13:22:23 EST 2000 ...
i thought the shovel was cool - the rest blew. the mr furious gets the girl made me wana commit suicide ... just thinking abt it now is making me reach for the Draino ...

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