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Review: Vampiros Lesbos
by snafu, 2000-01-11 10:24:13. No #639.

Vampiros Lesbos is a German movie which screened on sbs on sunday night. Just think of Bram Stoker's Dracula, but set in 1970 with all the vampires as lesbians.
It's even better than it sounds, the 70's porn music seems to funky to be serious, and every chick has big 70's hooters with big ass 70's nipples and because it's on sbs sex scenes abound. It's also packed with those dramatic zoom-ins that seem to be so lacking in movies these days.
Now lets add it all up. German Vampiric Lesbians + 70's breasts + comicly funky music + soft porn = Snafu's pick for movie of the year. [even tho it was made in 1970]

Comment by egg on Tue Jan 11 11:14:55 EST 2000 ...
I hope u taped it!

Comment by snafu on Wed Jan 12 16:57:17 EST 2000 ...
nup, and it was on saturday night actually, saw it after blackstump. i was gonna ring you guys but i couldn't drag myself away from the tv

Comment by Maxim on Thu Jan 13 22:25:58 EST 2000 ...
Big ass 70's nipples : thats 4 tacos Baby !

Comment by queg on Wed Dec 6 12:18:53 EST 2000 ...
I've been trying to locate this movie on VHS or DVD. It was released for the first time last year. Any suggestions as to where I might locate it? queg quegrawks@hotmail.com

Comment by snafu on Tue Jan 9 11:34:53 EST 2001 ...
oh yeah

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