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Review: Blair Witch Project
by raven, 1999-12-01 21:32:50. No #636.

This movie was given to me by a friend who got it from America so don't rush off to the cinema to watch it - it's not playing yet. The Blair Witch apparently lives in the woods and hunts humans who enter it. According to the town's people there have been many horror stories and sightings of the witch. So a girl and two of her friends (a sound guy and film guy) head off into the woods to see if they can do a report on the Witch. Through their travels they hear strange things at night and become increasingly suspicious that perhaps the town's people are fuking with them. Anyway story goes on and they begin to treck further into the woods by mistake getting really lost and they stumble upon what looks to be a cult ritual site. This doco follows these kids and at times you can really feel for the characters and believe their fear as if you were lost in the woods with your friends and being hunted and mocked by an unknown evil. I enjoyed it even tho it frightened me , maybe it wasn't so much as the film itself but the ideas in my head which it opened up. If this is what the film was meant to do it work and worked very well.

Comment by eggmceye on Wed Dec 1 21:37:42 EST 1999 ...
i was drunk when i was watching so i wasn't as scared as a should have been at the time. i was scared over 24 hrs later when i woke up from a bwp dream. that doesn't happen often...

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