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Review: Lawnmower man
by eggmceye, 1999-11-22 14:36:57. No #635.

I bet u a taco that if I saw this when it came out i may have been more impressed by the shitty FX - but i prolly would have been just as unimpressed by the dozy story line.

And the story ? : some strap kid gets some VR training which turns him into an uberman - he can then read minds and can use telekenenisis - yeh right. I don't understand the link between VR and getting smarter, altho I can swallow mind reading and TK. Anyway some bad person gives him the wrong dose of vitamins and he goes bad - killing some people who used to torment him when he was less mentally challenged.

The result ? : I don't know - i fell asleep on the couch until the cat woke me up at 5am. I then went to bed, slept in and missed beast wars. 2 tacos - rainman broke my alarm clock.

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