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Review: Run Lola Run
by eggmceye, 1999-11-08 13:28:49. No #634.

Hmm well, what an ordinary movie. Like a lot of flix it got off to a good start, an excellent start even! But after 1/3 of the way thru it was all downhill after that. It was so ordinary that i'm guna spoil it for u - oi, i'm doin u a favor ;)

First off it's german, which has nothing to do with it's rating. It's just that german is pretty interesting to listen too, being english's only real cousin, as far as languagess go. Ich mochte bitte ein beir! Schnell! It's all so interesting to see a bit of a German town, tho we don't know which one it is.

The story is thus: Lola, with the red hair, has a boyfrend Manne, who loses 100k of his gangstar boss's money, and she/they have 20 mins to get another 100k. Lola doesn't have any transport, so she has to run over to her fathers work, get some moula offa him, then run off to meet her main squeeze at 12.

Guess what - this fud story has 3 endings, and u get to see all of them! U basically sit thru the same movie 3 times, with slight variation each viewing. The first 2 endings are the sad endings, with either Lola or Manne dying. The 3rd and lasting ending is the happy ending, where they get away with 100k. Awww.

I really liked it up till the 1st ending - which is where the girl gets gibbed, which is always good, as it don't happen very often, except in Starship Troopers (now that was a good gib!). As soon as we knew we were guna have to watch it again, then well, a 4.5 purple taco movie went down to 1.5 purple tacos. Rounded up, 1.5 = 2, so there u have it, 2 steaming purple tacos, with tampons. If u try and tell me I missed the suttlety of the time loop of the situation, there was nothing suttle, or even innovative about this Arse. Go watch Lost Highway. There's better gibs too.

Comment by snafu on Mon Nov 8 16:55:51 EST 1999 ...
meet joe black has the best pedestrian gibs ever!

Comment by Raven on Mon Nov 8 18:15:05 EST 1999 ...
See Ronin for best group pedestrian gibs Other than that, the 3 story ending is a bit much when they let you decide the way you would like to see the movie end or give the possible outcomes of the scenario. KILL 'EM ALL.

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