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Review: Grosse Point Blank
by snafu, 1999-10-19 17:15:57. No #631.

Martin Blank [John Cusack] is a professional killer who is thinking of leaving the business, he decides to do one last job, and seeing as tho it's in his hometown he decides to attend his high school reunion in the same weekend. This movie is smooth, John cusack is likeable and Minnie Driver [like her or h8 her] plays her part well too. Dan Akroyd makes an appearance [seeing him in a gun battle is hilarious] and the fighting is well coreographed [what there is of it]
It also has an appearance of a DoomII arcade machine!
JC rules!
see it on optus or get it out on video, recommended
i'd give it 3.5 tacos but....

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