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Review: Something About Mary
by eggmceye, 1999-10-15 10:52:03. No #630.

This movie sucked! It was so bad that we end up watching bits of it in fast forward and stopped it 3/4 of the way - that was a first! Mary sucks, she is a stupid pink-wardrobed whore. Matt dylan is about as convincing actor as a turd in the sun. That other guy sucked too (the one from Reality Bites). I hated it. One taco for the spark throwing dog.

Comment by snafu on Fri Oct 15 14:00:30 EST 1999 ...
S.A.M was gay, i'll give you that. but not every movie has to be a deep and totally serious masterpiece. sam was a crappy schmultzy comedy, i think u were expecting too much. if u go into every movie expecting twin peaks, you'll only be disapointed for every movie you see. u can't say it wasn't funny - the sparking dog bit was ace, what a bout the masturbation bit? or the bit where they gave the dog speed? or how warren keeps clocking people? if i've learned one thing about movies it's that sometimes you've gotta lower yourself and just enjoy it. plus i don't care what you say, i'll bonk Cameron Diaz anyday :)

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