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Review: 8 mm
by raven, 1999-10-14 16:05:50. No #629.

For those of you who don't know anything about this film (which isn't surprising .. as it wasn't publicised) it is about a Surveillance expert (Nicholas Cage) who is hired by a rich hag when she finds a "snuff" 8mm film in her late hubby's safe. The snuff is of a young chickie getting killed in a S&M act (don't pretend you don't know what this is!). Anyway , Nic has to figure out if the film and the slaughtered chickie is real. Not bad.
Nicholas hooks up with porno, electric vagina selling, hunk Joaquin Phoenix (aka Leaf Phoenix- troubled, masturbating boy in Parenthood) to find the people who made the snuff. So it's a dark and downward spiral into the evil world of pornography and the psycos behind it. My only moan about the movie is the music ..it is unnecessary and at the best of times annoying. Cinamephotography is made to look dodgey to give you that smutty feel (get your hand off it) and works to the film's advantage. Recommended for those who don't mind a bit of violence and can handle the idea of hard core S&M.
This gets 3 tacos for slick Nic (always looking good in black) and for the film which caused so much controversy (almost got banned) that it made Lolita look decent enough for the whole family :) Really it isn't that bad.

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