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Review: American Pie
by eggmceye, 1999-10-01 11:08:17. No #627.

I went to the cinema expecting this to be crap. What a pleasant surprise I got when this turned out to have more beating-off gags than any movie I've seen before. Not that beating-off gags maketh the movie. Given that the movie is set around a bunch of american hi school seniors, middle america, prom nites, etc, it's easy to make a pre-judgment; add to that the crappy movieposter which just drips 'boring - seen it' - and yr all set NOT to be dissapointed (the exact opposite of The phantom Menace).

The characters are all really cool, and believable, and I dug each and every one of them - something which I haven't noticed myself doing since Aliens. The directing is the ordinary hollywood style, but the editing was really well done I thought. Arty directing just isn't requrired, or appropriate even, for this sorta movie anyway.

Di thought that it was better than Go - that's a tough call. I think over all it barely was, but they're not really two films to be compared. Go see it - it rocks. I'll be getting it out on video.

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