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Review: The Acid House
by snafu, 1999-09-27 17:22:08. No #626.

The Acid House was made by the same hoser who made the "groundbreaking" movie trainspoting. Get trainspotting, take out any good bits [if there were any] give it depression and you've got this movie. The Acid House is done in the currently trendy 3 short story format, but unlike "go" it lacks cohesion and anything good at all really.
I spose it is funny in a black humor kind of way, but it's like "oh look, this poor guy's wife is a slut and he's holding his baby whilst listening to his wife getting screwed upstairs by his neighbour ha ha ha" very amusing, the last story is ok but overall this movie just left me depressed.
I hate to sound like a pensioner but the constant ["yoo fooking coont!""shite in my mooth!"] language gets abit much. On the topic of language the scottish accents are so thick the movie is subtitled and with good reason. also if you're a scatfan you'll love this movie I'm sure some you *cough* egg and ness *cough* will disagree with me on this one but i thought this movie was "shite" 2 tacos

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