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Review: Cruel Intentions
by eggmceye, 1999-09-22 15:54:25. No #625.

Halfway between completely annoying and completely entertaining, this flick had me going at times. The story? hard to remember, tho it revolves around two New York yuppie teens whose sole aim in life is to further their reputations, usually by means of ruining others. Buffy stars as one of these aforementioned, and she has her moments, including some dyke tougue and the quote "I want my fuck" (or was it "I wan't a/that/the fuck"?) - either way, I'm gona sample that line before I return it to the video store tonite. The score? I'd like to give it 3 and a half tacos, but that's just not allowed, so three will have to suffice. Get it out for some pseudo-buffy-tit-action.

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