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Review: Joan of Arc pt1
by snafu, 1999-09-13 18:24:58. No #624.

I watched this mainly because a) i wanted to know a bit more about joan of arc and b) because i thought joan was a mad sword fightin' pommie slaying battlegrrrl.
How little did i know, well acording to this mini series anyway. Acording to this miniseries Joan was a hippie "lets find a peaceful solution" "i'm on a mission from god to unite france" mouthpiece. I don't know why but i couldn't stop thinking of Oprah Winfrey through the whole first part. Subliminal messages? or maybe it was because i saw an Oprah Winfrey jewel special and joan looks alot like jewel, plus it's a "god" movie so she'd be into that shit. Enough about Oprah, i thought pt1 was nothing short of average. I was sooo dying to title this review "Joan of Arrrrrrrrrrrsssssssse" but it got a bit better towards the end so i didn't.
I'll probably still watch pt2 but for the most of pt1 the channel 7 watermark provided more entertaining viewing.
At least i now know why the french suck so much.

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