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Review: Life
by eggmceye, 1999-09-07 14:03:39. No #623.

I was surprised at how serious, or drama-ish, this was, for an Eddie Murphey movie! We went and saw it cos we had 2 hours to kill, and it wasn't a bad move - I've seen much worse movies (but much better also).

A couple of dozy black guys get nicked by the local hick-police for a murder they didn't commit, and spend the rest of their lives on the chain gang. Sound intersting? No, you'd be surprised. I didn't fall asleep, altho theoretically I should have.

It's a very stock-standard kind of flik, with an ordinary screenplay and ordinary directing. It was fodder really, but as good as fodder can be. The sorta movie channel 7 will buy in 2 years time and parade as the 'Comedy Smash'.

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