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Review: Crash
by eggmceye, 1999-09-07 13:52:24. No #622.

I've heard of shit-deviants and gas-deviants, but never car-crash-deviants. This totally unbelievable yet mildly entertaining flik about 2 guys and 2 or 3 broards who all like to get their makkon to the sound of breaking glass and crumpling metal was apparently a very contraversial film - Carmack knows why :) The look and feel of the movie was quite good - tho still not a patch on a Wachowski bros special. It was better than Howard Stern's Private Parts - thats for dang sure. There's always plenty of cheap tit-action just around the corner to keep u amused when it seems to be getting a little dull. Get if u can't decide, or u have a 7 for 7$ deal goin at yr local video store.

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