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Review: Bound
by eggmceye, 1999-08-30 11:42:22. No #620.

This wasn't bad at all! Written and directed by the ol' Wachowski Brothers ( the matrix ), it's about a couple of dykes who get their makkon, then rip off the mob. I must say straight off the bat, that the film looks absoulutely fucking fantastic. Simple sets and lighting, the lush red elevator and interesting (yet not overtly so) camera angles ( which we all know I like - think Melrose :P "now get me another beer, you sexy piece of shit") - anyway ... )

What I didn't like was the dodgy acting and the poor start, tho the ending was ok. The end was like, well they could put a twist there, or this could happen here, and what do u know, it appeared or happened - it was a little predictable at times.

Nevertheless I was well entertained. 5 tacos for the vibe and the look, 2 for the plot, 1 for the acting = 3 tacos.

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