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Review: Slingblade
by snafu, 1999-08-23 17:54:03. No #619.

Slingblade is the story of "carl" a 45[roughly] year old man who is finally released from a mental hospital after he killed his mother and her lover with a slingblade when he was 12. Carl is a gumpish character and is well protrayed by Billy Bob Thornton [who also wrote and directed it].
When releaesed he goes back to his hometown [some small hick town]and meets a young boy who is living with his mother [his dad committed suicide].His mother's best friend is a gay guy and her boyfriend is an alcoholic construction worker. Despite all this the movie never seems unrealistic.
The movie is really a breath of fresh air. It's not too predictable not too "sensational". i liked it and i liked the ending after a while too. I saw this on a video that was taped off the movie channel on pay-tv so i'm sure what category it goes under.
Worth seeing if you're in that kind of mood.
But i reccommend it

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