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Review: The Postman
by astro, 1999-08-23 17:23:45. No #618.

This movie is a clear example of what type casting and bad, bad covers of videos can do to a movie.
I've seen this movie at civic (the Microsoft of video, looting ripofferers) and walked right by it due to its crappy cover depicting Kevin Costner in yet another old dances with wolves costume standing in front of a grassy meadow.
However, after watching it on Optus I was quite surprised to find out that this movie is set in the post apocalyptic (nuke) world around 2010. People have just started to build small settlements and are being harassed by some nut looter who has his own little army and demands payments from them once a season or so. This is when good old Kev steps in and stuffs things up for him, ending in a bit of a war and your token movie plot. This movie is somewhat reminiscent of escape from abselom with a love interest, bigger budget and better cinematography, yet I still think escape was better.
Worth a watch if theres nothin else to watch

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