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Review: Disturbing Behavoir
by eggmceye, 1999-08-20 12:44:13. No #615.

This was a bad case of 'Judging a book by it's cover' for us, 'cos we thought the cover looked interesting. It's about a guy who moves from Chicago with his folks to some dozy town in the middle of the US of A, where weirdos are are suddenly turning into automotons overnight. When the chief reject becomes 'one of them' our hero becomes the next target! SHOCK!! It turns out theres a Dr Evil, who is converting all the bad and different kiddies into nice kiddies. Well, the best bit is when some old nutter somehow leads all the robots into the river and they die. Yawn. The hero kills Dr Evil, gets the girl, and of course there just had to be a twist.

This was plain awful. It was all the worst bits of 80's cinema on one tape. Avoid like the plague.

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