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Review: Two Hands
by snafu, 1999-08-17 20:33:03. No #614.

Two Hands has been described as Pulp Fiction in thongs or lock stock and two smoking yobbos. Starring Heath Ledger [10 things i hate about you], Bryan Brown [umm cocktail...that's all i can think of at the moment] and Introducing Rosie Burne 2 Hands is a great aussie movie, set in the seemy underbelly of kings cross it tells the story of how Heath Ledgers character is set on the "wrong path" when he hooks up with the local crimelord "pando" [brown].
I loved it, it's a typically auusie in some ways but never really gets unoriginal. It has heaps of shots of the cross, revesby [about 5 minutes from my house] and other parts of sydney. My only gripes are
a)it seems to be aimed at the teen audience a bit too much sometimes [although that's not really a crime]
b)Rosie Burne [although a babe] giggles a bit too much
c)The whole thing with heath's brother wasn't really nessecary

Also see how many extras from aussie films/tv shows/commmercials you can pick, the movie is packed with them.

Quote of the film:
[heath is discussing robbing a bank with 2 yobbos]
yobbo: we'll give you a shottie..
heath: a shotgun?
yobbo:what's the matter? you don't like shotguns?
heath: uh.. nah they're cool
yobbo: bloody oath, shotties fukin rip mate!
See it!

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