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Review: Wayne's World
by eggmceye, 1999-08-17 11:07:11. No #613.

We got this out on video on the weekend for a laff. Hmm. If u don't mind all the big hair and the rock-guys then it isn't that offensive. Rob Lowe, as the BAD GUY, makes me ill - I mean the bad guy doesn't make me ill, Rob does - his face makes me wana puke for some reason. Did u see Atomic Train on TV last nite (where the nuke actually blew up for a change?) - he was in that too. I can't stand the hoser! If yr into Mike Meyers yr better off watching Austin Powers, cos I can hardly remember him doing anything in this flik.

In case u don't know, it's about 2 nutters with big hair who do their own public access TV show. Rob picks them up for their Big Break on proper TV, but of course they lose creative control and the show sucks, and Rob Steals Wayne's girl, and Wayne gets fired and yada yada. Pretty boring really, tho at the time I was barely entertained.

If the show had any memorable moments, I can't remember any of them.

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